Round 2

I made it through my second treatment of Rituxan.  Things went pretty well until about 20 minutes in, when my back and chest began to spasm.  It was extremely painful but I was given Percocet and the spasms eased up quickly.  We finally got the medications figured out so this time the side effects were minimal except for the nausea.  I still haven't found a good solution but we keep working on it.  

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  

I had a bit of good news at my appointment.  The lymph node swellings in my neck are almost non-existant.  Pretty good news.  I just hope the other two places are shrinking, too.  I won't know for sure until my CAT scan in April.

Has anyone had acupuncture for Neuropathy?

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Gwenn sent you a prayer.
Mike, Stefanie sent you a hug.
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Hooray for shrinking nodes! I'm sure your scan in April will bring good news. Hopefully the nausea wears off quickly.
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good news..glad to hear it.... I have heard good things about acupunture...Em's one experience was not a good one, but the acupunturist was not so good, in my opinion...and obviously in Em's....we should have tried another one, but she was reluctant... I have had it for my back and sciatica and found it helpful
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Good for you! Hopefully that will be the only time you have spasms. I didn't try any acupuncture but I found that my feet numbness went away over time.
It's encouraging to know your numbness went away. Thank you for sharing that information. I have the needle and pin, burning pain, but I have started medication which seems to be helping and I'm going to try the acupuncture and see what happens.
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